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Services and Techniques

Cork Chiropractor Adjusting Techniques

Dr Celine uses low-force techniques to ensure gentle care

Bishopstown Chiropractic Clinic offers a wide variety of services to fit the needs of the entire family. Dr Celine specialises in low-force techniques to ensure effective chiropractic care in the gentlest way possible.

Traditional manual adjustments can also be done based on your specific needs. Dr Celine is also certified in the Webster Technique to help pregnant patients with sacral subluxation. Chiropractic care can benefit your entire body and help your body heal itself.

Digital Postural Analysis

Your chiropractic care plan is customised to meet your individual needs. During your comprehensive examination Dr Celine will take a photo of you and scan the image into the specialised computer system Posture Pro®. You will be able to see your exact posture and the computer analysis will show you what your posture should be. Dr Celine will then be able to customise your care plan to meet your needs.


Dr Celine utilises a variety of techniques so there is always a treatment option that will benefit your individual needs. We use very low-force, instrument-assisted techniques that you are sure to find very gentle. She will demonstrate to you how gentle the techniques are before beginning your care. Our techniques include:

The Webster Technique
Kinesio Taping®
Manual adjustments
Rehabilitation programs

Let Dr Celine find the technique that is just right for you. Managing pain is not a quick fix. We incorporate education into each visit to keep you informed about your condition and treatment options.

Impulse iQ®

The Impulse iQ® instrument is gently applied to the dysfunctional area we are treating. The instrument will read signals from joints under the surface. With localized controlled force it uses the exact amount of pressure necessary to create movement in the joint.

When the joint releases it shuts itself off. Patients love this new technique because it is much gentler than traditional techniques. This can be used for muscles as well. The results have been phenomenal.

Stop letting pain control your life. Contact us today and we’ll help you find the technique that is right for you.

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