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About Bishopstown Chiropractic Clinic in Cork

After working in several different practices part time since 2003, Dr Celine Woodford is excited to introduce Bishopstown Chiropractic Clinic to Cork and the surrounding communities. We believe that everyone benefits from chiropractic care. Whether you are seeking pain relief or maintaining wellness, our customised care may be right for you.

“Helping People Feel Better”

Cork Chiropractor Bishopstown Chiropractic Clinic

We want to help you chose a plan that’s right for you and your needs.

Our mission is to help our patients feel better. Dr Celine takes the time to really listen to your concerns and what your goals are. She believes that 80% of the diagnosis can come from the patient’s history and it’s vital to know what factors are behind the pain they are experiencing.

By knowing the source causing the pain, we are better able to determine the course of treatment and education that is right for you. No two patients enter with the same history and no two care plans are exactly the same. We help you choose what’s right for you!

Gentle Chiropractic Care

Dr Celine primarily uses very low-force techniques to treat your pain. She will work with your comfort level to provide high-quality effective chiropractic treatment. Manual adjustments are also utilised as needed based on your wants and needs. Keeping you comfortable while helping you reach your goals is important.

Ready to start feeling better now? It’s time to get the relief you deserve. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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